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Scottish Field Whisky Challenge

Scottish Field Whisky Challenge 2011 – The Tweeddale Blend was nominated…

I would like to thank Mark Connelly, who was judging for the first time a this year’s Scottish Field Whisky Challenge, for nominating The Tweeddale Blend as a Whisky that has impressed him this year.

Sharon and I went along to the Awards dinner on Thursday night 3rd November we enjoyed the meal and tasting some of the other nominated whiskies. After dinner we held our breath while the awards were announced… well no award for The Tweeddale Blend this year but for me it was a great honour to have been nominated.

Kerry Johnstone of the Scottish Field Magazine describes the Whisky Challenge awards as follows:

 “In the past decade, the impact of the awards has far outstripped our expectations, with the annual ritual of defining the best whiskies quickly establishing itself as something of an institution. The challenge is now an event which is eagerly awaited by the whisky industry, by aficianados and especially by occasional ‘drammers’ looking for fresh experiences and new expressions to try.
The reason for the success of the Scottish Field Whisky Challenge from its inception has been its unimpeachable credibility. Eleven years ago, we appointed the most respected figures in the whisky world; men and women whose credentials, nose and provenance are impeccable, to be our judges.
Then we asked these yodas of whisky to nominate the malts and blended whiskies that have impressed them the most in the previous year. This was followed by a ‘blindfolded’ nosing and tasting, with each whisky given a final score. With thousands of whiskies tasted over the past ten years, each year this has been an exhaustive process – but then it needs to be if we’re to stand in judgement on the best examples of our national drink.
Once again this year, we have a fabulous panel and have expanded the number of judges to eleven”.

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