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Miss Whisky

@TheMissWhisky reviews “this truly lovely whisky”… Aye, the Gwilty pleasure that is the Tweeddale.


Miss Whisky is Correcting the “Miss” belief  that women don’t like whisky and I love her comment that “No longer is this golden spirit a fuddy-duddy old drink; no longer is it only for retired men in slippers”. Well said indeed Miss!

Batch 2 is the second whisky review on Miss Whisky’s website and I am delighted to say is a great review. For me it is the last sentence that sums it all up perfectly – “All in all, a quality blend: and I’m very glad, indeed, that Mr Day continued the family tradition and revived this truly lovely whisky”.

You can read the complete review for yourself by clicking on the link above.

So a big thank to Alwynne Gwilt…

Thank you Miss Whisky.

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