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No. 9 “Resurrecting old whisky recipe books” of 10 EMERGING WHISKY TRENDS from @teamdb

You know it’s always good to get a mention in a publication like The Drinks Business but when it your Whisky and your story is mentioned in their Top 10 Emerging Whisky Trends then that really is just a wee bit special.

In their Publisher’s own words – “AS EUROPE’S leading drinks trade publication, the drinks business is at the forefront of what is happening in the drinks industry. We are determined to maintain our reputation by reacting to the latest developments and trends, as well as making a contribution to the trade with analysis, debate and opinion”.


You can read exactly what they have to say about the Tweeddale Blend by clicking on the links above and below. I have also outlined a few of my favourite quotes below:

“The Tweeddale Blend was also on show as one of the only independent blended whiskies available”.

“It meant that the drinks business was able to gauge the current whisky market and assess some likely trends to emerge in the next few years. Based on those displaying at the Whisky Lounge event in London, we have a compiled a top 10 whisky trends that emerged at the trade show and could have a major impact on the industry in the years to come”.

“One of the most interesting stories at the Whisky Lounge event was that of The Tweeddale Blend whisky created by Stonedean Limited”.

“The first batch, released in 2010, gained widespread acclaim within the whisky world (including from us), so we were excited to try the second batch at a whisky festival back in the autumn”. 

“Resurrecting whisky recipes is an interesting trend, which is beginning to work for Alasdair and his blend”.