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Danny Williamson @DramStats prefers The Tweeddale 3rd release over batch 2…

The Tweeddale limited edition small batch blended Scotch whisky 3rd releaseI meet Danny when he came to The Tweeddale stand at the Whisky Lounge Fest in Edinburgh.

It was great to have a chat over a wee dram of Tweeddale. Needless to say we talked about The Tweeddale and how it is put together.

Anyway have a look below or on Danny’s blog to see what his thoughts were.


Nose: Malty at first with some nice aged grain notes (biscuity and spicy). Then things get fruity and there is a subtle minty note in the background.

Palate: Malty, fruity and a really fantastic mouthfeel.

Finish: A spicy oak and pepper hit, then fruity with grapes and pears before the mouthfeel gets “creamy”.

Verdict: I preferred this to batch 2. I think the Tweeddale blend is going from strength to strength on this evidence and I’m actually quite taken with both the whisky, the people that make it and the way it is made. I will be picking myself up a bottle of this soon and I’ll be buying it directly from the Tweeddale guys from here.”