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Alasdair Day with Wendy Harker at LCBO store tasting, part of the Canadian launch of The Tweeddale Blended Scotch Whisky in North American.

The North American Debut of the Tweeddale Blend, by Wendy Harker.

Well now that I’m back home it is quite nice to look back on my trip to Canada and it was also great to see this article from Wendy who I met while I was there.

Alasdair Day with Wendy Harker at LCBO store tasting, part of the Canadian launch of The Tweeddale Blended Scotch Whisky in North American.

Alasdair Day and Wendy Harker.

On Thursday May 30th, I had the pleasure of meeting the affable Mr. Alasdair Day who was in town to promote Tweeddale Whisky, Batch Three at the Toronto Kingsway LCBO.  Mr. Day was well into a jam packed week of promoting this LCBO new release to fellow Ontarians.  I bought two bottlings which he happily autographed, and while savouring a complimentary sample of Batch Three, we enjoyed a chat about Tweeddale, the May 25 LCBO debut and this being his first trip to Canada.

I really like the story behind Tweeddale.  It is a piece of history that resonates on a deeper level.  It embraces the entrepreneurial spirit of breathing life back into a family legacy while jumping in with both feet.  How great is that?  Alasdair’s great-grandfather, Richard Day, was a Scottish whisky blender who kept meticulous blending notes in his “cellar book.” However, after World War II, he closed the doors to his blending company J & A Davidson and sold off his remaining casks.  Eventually, the cellar book fell into the right hands when Alasdair inherited his great-grandfather’s notes; perhaps this is the case of destiny at its best.   In 2009, Alasdair took the leap and founded Stonedean Ltd with the exclusive intention to recreate the Tweeddale Blend.  In 2010, after a 70 year hiatus, the first Batch was created.   On the heels of the success of Batch 1 and 2, Mr. Day and company are now celebrating their first North American whisky debut on the LCBO shelves and into the palate of the Ontario whisky enthusiast.  Tweeddale Batch Three is a 12 year old blended whisky, bottled at 46% abv, non chill-filtered, and retailing at $69.95.  The blend is a composition of nine single cask whiskies; eight malt whiskies and one single grain.  It is a handsome bottling that is decorated with an etching of Richard Day.  My only critique is that nowhere on the label is it identified which Batch number the bottling is.  For me, that is an important detail to note.  To nose and taste, this is a smooth, all around very enjoyable and welcoming dram with a lovely balance of sweet vanilla, nutty and spicy warm notes with a hint-o-smoke.  Well done to the Day family!

As a whisky enthusiast, it felt meaningful to welcome Alasdair and his great-grandfather’s Richard Day’s legacy to this side of the pond. But more importantly, Batch Three is very tasty“.

Wendy Harker, Toronto


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