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The Tweeddale Blended Scotch Whisky

Vive la Whisky revolution!

Vive la Revolution Whisky Lassie on blends including The Tweeddale

I was delighted to see The Tweeddale blended Scotch Whisky mentioned in Johanne McInnis aka Whisky Lassie list of 10 really amazing blends in her recent blog and even more honoured to be part of the 2nd Whisky revolution that she describes.

So I can only agree with Johanne…

Vive la revolution!

By the way of you haven’t read her blog (eh, why not?) then this is her list;

1. Blue Hanger: Any of them
2. Chivas: 18 year old
3. Cutty Sark: Prohibition
4. Douglas Laing: Big Peat, Timorous Beastie
5. Duncan Taylor: Black Bull 12
6.Monkey Shoulder: Any of them
7. Spencerfield Spirits: Pig’s Nose, Sheep Dip
8. Springbank: Campbeltown Loch 21 (My newest discovery – DELISH)
9. Tweeddale: Any of them
10. Wymess: Lord Elcho 15, The Hive 8, Velvet Fig

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