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Whisky Whispers

Alasdair visiting our stills manufacturers in Tuscany

Toscana to Dun Càna, Whisky in the Making

It’s been a busy week in and out of the R&B office. Alasdair spent a couple of days swapping the temperamental Scottish weather for the Tuscan sun, admiring stills in Italy. Back in Edinburgh we put him to work on packaging.

While we’re waiting for Raasay While We Wait (try saying that six times quickly), we’re working on how it’s going to look on the shelves come September. They say never judge a book by its cover, and so it is for whisky. But we’re still pretty excited about dressing up our lightly peated single malt!

Have a wee peak on the Our Whisky page at how the Raasay While We Wait bottle might look come September. We’re putting a lot of care into creating a vessel on par with our handcrafted representation of the future Raasay Single Malt. This week we’ve been cooing over label samples. Now wait a minute, this is pretty exciting stuff, no really – it is!

Every now and then there comes a whisky bottle that makes you catch your breath for a moment, before you’ve even poured a dram. Each distillery, independent bottler, each single malt, single grain, and blend convey their own unique style in their packaging. What makes a whisky bottle special for you?

We have a feeling our Raasay While We Wait design is going to be an ongoing craft, much like our whisky – as the liquid evolves, so will its casing.

R&B Distillers Glencairn glasses

The Perfect Dram

Being in the whisky business, the packages that arrive on the R&B doorstep can be rather exciting. Sometimes its design samples like our labels, sometimes its bespoke corks, or the Holy Grail of deliveries; whisky samples. This week something very special arrived in the West End of Edinburgh.

You may have seen our iconic wee dram around our website. He’s been a little lonely shouldering the photo-op responsibility all on his own. So, we thought we’d chat to some friends and get him a few mates. Arriving at our door was a lovely large box of glasses.

Not just any glasses – Glencairn glasses. Not just any Glencairn glasses – R&B printed Glencairn glasses.

The distinctive shape of the Glencairn glass, which has come to be known as The Official Whisky Glass, is designed to showcase the colour of the whisky it contains while the tapered top offers up the aromas unique to each whisky enjoyed. Read more about the story of the Glencairn glass here.

We’ll be using our personalised glasses at various events and tastings to come. Of course we had to test them out with a few drops of the The Tweeddale Batch 4 and Tweeddale Single Grain first. It is a Friday afternoon after all, slàinte!

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