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New Ranges from Edinburgh Whisky Ltd 

Independent merchants Edinburgh Whisky Ltd this week announced the upcoming launch of their New Town and Library Collection whisky ranges. But what does ‘whisky merchant’ actually mean you may ask? In the words of Edinburgh Whisky themselves they “carry on the age-old tradition of Edinburgh merchants who cannily sourced, blended, bottled then traded supreme Scotch whiskies all over the world.”

The Library Collection really got our attention as it takes a focus on provenance and terroir. Across Scotland’s whisky regions, from the water used in distillation, and the origin of the barley malted, to still shape and maturation particulars, Edinburgh Whisky says this stuff has an effect on the final product, and we agree. This collection offers small batch single cask bottlings, and we’d like one of each on our R&B shelf!

Also to launch following the Old Town Blend, now comes their New Town Blends, reflective of the landscape of Edinburgh in name, however in this range the Advocates Batch is described as “quintessentially Speyside”.

Edinburgh Whisky New Ranges

Suntory in Space

While Edinburgh Whisky is on our doorstep, this next story is as far away as you can get. A week from now, Japanese distillery Suntory will send whisky into space. Late last year Suntory’s Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013 was named the ‘best whisky in the world’ in Jim Murray’s World Whisky Bible with 97.5 marks. At that score it’s “near incredible genius”.

So, if any malt is to be sent up into space, surely it makes sense to be the ‘world’s best’. But is this all just for fun? Suntory aim to determine the effect of zero gravity on the whiskies’ ‘mellowness’. They’re sending six samples in total, from new make spirit to a 21 year old single malt, up to the stars to mature for one to two years.

We’re sorry to say however, the likes of you and me won’t be able to get a taste of space-matured whisky, as it won’t be sold to the public.


Whisky to Celebrate By

To end this week’s best of the rest, we’re turning to something a little uncommon. One woman has attributed living a healthy life to 110 to drinking a regular dram. The Telegraph on Wednesday reported that New Jersey birthday woman Agnes Fenton, has spent nearly 70 years enjoying three beers and a whisky measure every day on her doctor’s advice, until recently. Her tipple of choice? Reportedly, Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Happy Birthday Agnes!



*Please drink responsibly.

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