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Best of the Rest: From Galloway to China

Welcome Back Bladnoch

You’ll have been hardpressed to miss the chat this week about the reopening of Bladnoch Distillery, known as Scotland’s most southerly distillery. After six years of halted production since the company went into liquidation early last year, the business has a new owner in Australian entrepreneur David Prior, and is gearing up to re-establish itself.

We’re excited, like many, to see this distillery come to life again and to increase the presence of Scotch whisky in the lowland region.

Malt Like Magic

Ardbeg Haar

Image via The Whiskey Wash & Ardbeg.

Now this is as odd one. There’s no ignoring that. Whatever your opinion on it – it’s odd. But, who said odd is a bad thing? At R&B we’re big fans of jumping on the ‘uncommon’ track and engineering something a little bit surprising. This invention – christened the Ardbeg Haar – is not just for show. The whisky mist created by pouring Ardbeg Scotch into a vibrating crystal carafe, is intended to be consumed either through a purpose-designed straw, or poured over cocktails. We can see this taking off as a show-stopping performance that could encourage new whisky drinkers to discover an innovative side to Scotch.

Is it really necessary? Arguable, but we’re looking at it this way; making whisky is a process, well known for taking time. Every step of the way there are imperative elements of production that instill a distinct profile. By altering the state of the whisky from liquid to smoke, you could say that the malt is being taken on a full-circle journey back to the peat smoke that was one of the first elements to lend to it’s flavour.

Ardbeg Director of Distilling and Whisky Creation himself, said “The haar which rolls in from the sea is as familiar to island life as the soft water and precious peat which influence our whiskies.” (quote courtesy of the Daily Mail).

Whichever way you look at it, we’d challenge you not to let out an “ooh, ahh” at seeing for yourself Ardbeg Haar being poured atop your Saturday night cocktail.

For the Love of Whisky

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: the world loves Scotch whisky! Now whisky lovers in China can benefit from a new £3 million fund to aid connoisseurs in investment of the amber stuff. This move was announced by Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in recognition of the high level of food and drink exports to China – £85 million in 2014 in fact! The Single Malt Club China is behind the fund to purchase rare, valuable malt whiskies for the Chinese market.

When asked during this months Twitter chat #WhiskyHour  about investing vs collecting, we, along with many others, replied “both!” In fact, here’s exactly what we said: Investing in whisky allows experience of the rare and involvement in distilleries. We’re bottling our first casks only for members of our Na Tùsairean Club. Ultimately though, we believe that whether you savour it now or in years to come, whisky should be nosed, tasted, and enjoyed.

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