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Whisky Whispers

Peebles leading the answers to the big question – so far…

Whisky loves company! So, last week we asked all of you to help us choose a location for our future Borders Distillery – fulfilling our ambitions for the ‘B’ in R&B. One week into our poll voting, we couldn’t resist taking a look at how the leader board stands so far.

The big question leader board 1 week in

The town of Peebles is leading the way to be the answer to our big question, but we’ve still got a way to go before the final results in November 2015. You can vote as many times as you like, so if you want to boost your favourite Scottish Borders town up the leader board, make sure you vote here.

Let’s take a closer look at each of our nominee Borders towns and why we think they’d make great homes for the region’s first whisky distillery in more than 150 years…


When our great-grandfather of whisky, Richard Day, sold the original Tweeddale Blended Scotch Whisky, he did so in the Tweeddale region. The heart of this was Peebles. An area where whisky was therefore, once prevalent but not produced (officially, that is), there’s little to argue with to place a distillery into the landscape.

The Tweed Valley

Perhaps the modern day ‘Tweeddale’, The Tweed Valley plots the mighty River Tweed, an icon of our heritage. Look out for this winding river on the new design of our Borders Single Grain bottle when it hits the shelves next month.


Where the River Tweed meets the Teviot, lies Kelso. Boasting some of the best salmon fishing in the region at Junction Pool, we feel a whisky and dish pairing coming on!


Selkirk sits on a tributary of the River Tweed; Ettrick Water. It was this town where Sir Walter Scott served as Sherriff for 33 years. Such a prominent Scottish whisky lover certainly should be trusted on taste we think, so in goes Selkirk to the pool of nominees.


A traditional fishing town, you may not immediately recognise Eyemouth’s association with whisky, but in fact it has already been home to a distillery called Brown’s Bank. Picturesque, with a whisky heritage, and the Tweeddale already on sale at Oblò Bar & Bistro, it seems like a great fit.

Alasdair and Kerry Eyemouth

Alasdair and Oblò Bar & Bistro’s Kerry, with Tweeddale in Eyemouth.


The home of seven-a-side, how about combining two of our loves – whisky and rugby. A distillery overlooking the field perhaps? Or venture just a little along the road to the abbey for a mash tun with an alternative view?


By now this Borders town needs little introduction to explain why it’s made our R&B short list of possible distillery locations. The home of J&A Davidson, which later became Richard Day’s namesake, and the origin of our Cellar Book, Coldstream is an obvious choice for Borders whisky.


One of the biggest towns in the Scottish Borders wouldn’t it only be right to have a distillery here? Perhaps – let’s see how the votes rack up! In Galashiels too, Sir Walter Scott strikes again, as here is his former home at Abbotsford.

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