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Cocoa Black & The Tweeddale: A Chocolate & Whisky Pairing

To continue our exploration of Borders food producers, this time we tried an old friend of whisky: chocolate.

Award-winning Cocoa Black in Peebles (the current leader of our poll), is run by Ruth Hinks, UK World Chocolate Master. Ruth also runs a chocolate and pastry school with the shop.

Not only do Cocoa Black chocolates taste great, they also look incredible – almost too good to eat (almost!).

Cocoa Black Dark Chocolates

We bought a dark chocolate selection box with a medley of flavour combinations. It didn’t take long to open the box and start choosing the ones we thought would best complement, and be complemented by, The Tweeddale Blend Batch 4.

Here’s what we tried and what we thought:

Salted Caramel Chocolate: This really brought out the pepper in the whisky, and highlighted the sweetness and peat.

Whisky Orange Chocolate: pairing this with The Tweeddale Blend was one beautiful big hit of citrus burst.

Dark Praline: A beautiful chocolate, but this did what I would describe as ‘strange things’ to the whisky. Whisky and food pairing isn’t always an exact science – however, although this choc and the blend aren’t the best of friends, we think the dark praline will go well with our Borders single grain when it comes out. We tried it with a wee bit of our first cask sample to be sure.

Cinnamon Chocolate: This was a pure perfect pair – well balanced and delicious.

Blood Orange Chocolate: This combination turned out to be two-fold; the dark chocolate worked well with the whisky but the orange flavour was lost as it blended into that from the The Tweeddale.

It’s amazing how much even the nose of the whisky changes with each chocolate pair. Although, this shouldn’t be surprising as scent plays an integral role in your taste experiences, just as it is equally important in each individual whisky.

If you want to pair Cocoa Black chocolates with The Tweeddale yourself, buy an array of sweet delights from here, and your whisky direct here.

Cocoa Black Chocolates & The Tweeddale Blend

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