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Uncommon Provenance by the Season

R&B stands for Raasay and Borders. Yes, we have historical ties to both, and yes we’re looking to build new distilleries in each (with Raasay already in the full swing of the planning stages), but for you, the whisky drinker, what do these two terroirs mean?

R&B is about contrast. The idea is to create two very different profiles of whiskies reflective of (and eventually distilled in) two very different parts of Scotland. Two distant ends of the country in fact.

Raasay far in the north has an uncommon terroir of rugged and windswept elegance. Volcanic mineral-rich water, of which we hit plenty when we drilled our bore hole, will produce a lightly peated single malt balanced with a fruity notes.

The Scottish Borders is a much softer realm. Heather-clad rolling hills say to us ‘light and sweet’, like we intend our future Borders whisky to be.

Until then, Raasay While We Wait and Borders single grain represent these profiles – we tasted the second cask samples today, so we’re sure.

With Autumn just set in, we thought the season offered the perfect way to show you the stark contrast in our uncommon provenance, while we wait…

Borders Autumn

The Scottish Borders in colourful Autumn hues. Image via Jonathan Combe on Flickr.


The Isle of Raasay in Autumn tones

The Isle of Raasay in crisp Autumn light. Image via say_cheddar on Flickr.


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