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Hello Batch 5 of The TWEEDDALE Blend

At R&B Distillers good things come in small batches. All our handcrafted whiskies of uncommon provenance are limited edition releases. Our smallest batch is always The TWEEDDALE Blend.

Since Co-Founder Alasdair Day began recreating his great-grandfather’s recipe found in the pages of his Cellar Book, an accounts ledger from J&A Davidson (later Richard Day) in Coldstream, we’ve seen four batches of award-winning whisky. Take a look back at each here.

Now, welcome Batch 5! This small batch is limited to just 1,200 individually hand-numbered 70cl bottles worldwide.

You’ll still find Batch 4 with some of our specialist retailers here in the UK and overseas, but last week we sold the last ever bottle from our direct online supply.

So, it’s now Batch 5 available in our online shop!

Previously reserved for sale to our overseas customers including those in Taiwan, Batch 5 is brand new to the UK market and will replace Batch 4 in future orders – while supplies last of course.

Every batch of The TWEEDDALE Blend stays true to the original recipe of nine single cask whiskies, bottled at 46% abv and non-chill filtered. So, what does change when we produce a new batch?

In the case of Batch 5 it’s the age of the single grain whisky that forms the ‘base’ of the blend. This bottling has the oldest of any grain we’ve used thus far for The TWEEDDALE Blend at 20 years old from Sherry barrels. The youngest of the eight single malts remains 14 years old as in Batch 4.

Richard Day's Cellar Book

Notes & sums scribbled in the back of Richard Day’s Cellar Book, which holds our secret recipe for The TWEEDDALE Blend.

We’ve put together some TASTING NOTES for a dram of Batch 5 here:

Pale gold.

Heavy vanilla notes and sweet malted barley, with a citrus edge.

On the palate the citrus notes really come through while balanced by complex spices and malty notes.

The Speyside character really comes before lingering spice, sweetness dries with a hint of Islay smoke coming through in the end, though less pronounced than in earlier batches.


Like what you’re hearing? Buy The TWEEDDALE Blend Batch 5 for your collection, while you can!

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