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Whisky Whispers

Raasay Distillery copper pot still in the making from Frilli

A Distillery in the Making

There’s plenty of activity now to see on the Isle of Raasay as we watch our distillery in the making, and this week progress was racing both on site in the Hebrides and in Tuscany – the origin of not only our red wine finishing casks but our distillery equipment from Frilli.

Coming in from Tuscany in a few months to our distillery beneath Dùn Caan will be two copper pott stills, a 5000 litre wash still, and a 3600 litre spirit still. The team at Frilli are experts in still making and have been doing so since 1912.

Here’s a sneak peek at our deconstructed stills coming together in the Frilli workshop:

R&B Distillers Raasay Distillery Frilli whisky stills in progress

Meanwhile on Raasay

At the Isle of Raasay Distillery site itself a lot has changed. The extension is now completely down exposing one side of Borodale House that’s been hidden inside for years.

The island has this week shown its rugged side with moody skies, boasting how dynamic and spectacular the Raasay landscape is in any weather.

As the site develops into its future form we found a few glimpses into the active past of Borodale House including a key to the once Isle of Raasay Hotel, the brass sign to the hotel’s Lounge Bar, and some bottles that wouldn’t look out of place if they held a few drops of illicitly distilled whisky.

Here’s a few photos of what’s happening and what was found on site this week:

(Photo credit to our web developer, Scott at Kumo Ink)

Isle of Raasay Distillery in the making, July 2016

Alasdair Day, R&B Distillers, Olli Blair, ABIR Architects, and James Archibald, Colorado Group on the Isle of Raasay Distillery site

R&B Co-Founder Alasdair Day, Olli Blair of ABIR Architects and James Archibald of Colorado Group admiring the progress

Old post cards found in Borodale House, Raasay Distillery site

Old post cards found in Borodale House

old bottles, perhaps for whisky? found in Borodale House, Raasay Distillery site

Could these bottles have once held whisky made in illicit stills on Raasay?

Raasay Distillery building site the old lounge bar Raasay Distillery site, July 2016 Keys to Isle of Raasay Hotel found during Raasay Distillery build

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