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Best of the Rest: A brand new Scottish rum

Here at R&B distillers, we are always happy to see new Scottish craft spirits join the market. There is so much creativity in this country, particularly in the world of alcohol, so it is great that there has been such a growth in this sector in recent years. For a while now there has been craft gin, and small batch whisky, but there haven’t been many Scottish craft rums. The 1st one we were aware of was the thick, treacly, spicy Dark Matter rum. Now there is SeaWolf rum, a white rum, launched as a partnership between Mike & Jason of Bramble Bar & Gavin Ferguson of Vino Wines, developed and distilled at Ogilvy Distillery.

This is something Mike and Jason of Bramble (consistently listed in the 50 best bars in the world, and the top 10 bars outside of London in the UK) and Gavin (co-founder of Vino and the Hanging Bat Bar) have been working on for some time. The rum is a 4 week low temperature fermentation using champagne yeast and traditional rum yeast. The base ingredient is cane molasses, which has been double distilled in a copper pot still. Each prototype batch was tasted neat, and in a daiquiri (a very good way to taste a white rum’s quality). The aim was to produce a white rum with plenty of body and flavour. To do this, they looked at filtration and final alcohol strength.


SeaWolf Rum Tasting Notes

Nose: Banana cake, new make cereal notes, buttery, honeycomb notes, and a dash of grassy/minty notes.

Quite powerful aromas on this white rum. Certainly something of a Jamaican style.

Palate: A dash of new make, lime, honey and an oily note.

We chatted to Mike afterwards, and we were all slightly baffled as to where the new make note comes from. The pot stills are brand new and haven’t been used for anything else. The mysteries of distillation.

SeaWolf is available at Vino wines shops and at Royal Mile Whiskies, where you can also buy our lovely whiskies. Christmas shopping sorted.

Chris Hoban

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