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NEW: Second Release Raasay While We Wait

It’s almost time to welcome the Second Release of Raasay While We Wait!

  • 1974 70cl bottles (marking the year 1974 that Calum’s Road was completed) 
  • 46% ABV
  • Natural colour, non-chill filtered
  • Lightly peated & finished (even longer) in Tuscan red wine casks

After a very successful year, we are now sold out at HQ of our multi-award winning first release of Raasay While We Wait – though you’ll still find it available through our stockists – the single malt specially handcrafted to represent the whisky we will make at our Raasay Distillery.

The inaugural release was created by combining heavily peated single malt and unpeated single malt from one Highland distiller, before finishing in Super Tuscan Italian red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc) casks for 8 weeks.

We wanted to go with a light peated note as when our distillery starts producing, our spirit character will have a truly unique taste due to the high mineral content in our water, naturally filtering down through the volcanic rock of the imposing Dun Caan.

Both our finishing casks, Super Tuscan red wine casks, and our pot stills were crafted in Tuscany. We wanted to source a finish that not only reflected this part of our story but added crucial juicy, fruity notes to our whisky, balancing the 15ppm peating.

Raasay While We Wait first release won several awards in 2016 including a silver at the International Wine and Spirits Competition, and Bronze medals at the International Spirits Challenge and Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Competition. It also came joint first in Imbibe’s Peat Challenge, and has been a key ingredient in some amazing cocktails, including a selection of brilliant drinks at London’s Black Rock whisky bar.

What’s Different about the Second Release?

The second release of Raasay While We Wait contains this same level of peat, but has spent 18 months in the Super Tuscan wine casks. If you want to read more about one of the vineyards, check out our blog here.

The extra time finishing gives bigger, juicier notes, and more of a heavy mouth-feel than the first release. While the first release shows off more smoke and spice, the second release is more rounded. Raasay While We Wait is an evolving whisky, just as our journey to open Raasay’s first legal distillery evolves each day.

Second Release Raasay While We Wait and First Release colour difference

(Left to right: Raasay While We Wait Second Release, First Release)

The difference in colour is evident but subtle, while the development of the palate is certainly of note. Soon you’ll be able to see and try for yourself!

The Importance of 1974

The new release of this single malt is limited to 1,974 bottles marking the year 1974 that Calum Macleod completed his hand-constructed road across Raasay, aptly named Calum’s Road. Calum spent 10 long years building the road from Brochel Castle to Arnish where he lived. A task that must have taken a lot of patience, we like to think Calum would have enjoyed a dram of While We Wait.

Raasay While We Wait Second Release COMING SOON…

Join our Na Tùsairean or Slàinte Clubs to pre-order this new whisky. 

Collect the First Release before it’s gone from one of our stockists – find your nearest here.

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