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Whisky club an roghainn raasay distillery

New Whisky Club: Choose An Roghainn


You know about our free Slainte community and exclusive Na Tusairean (The Pioneers) whisky and distillery accommodation club, now we’re offering an exciting whisky club – An Roghainn.

Pronounced ‘An Ro-hayn’ this is Scots Gaelic for ‘The Choice.’ An Roghainn whisky club collection is our choice of exclusive bottlings every year for 10 years for just 5000 members.

How it Works

£599 today means 10 years of exclusive whisky bottlings.

  • You’ll you receive a 70cl of single malt Scotch whisky distilled at The Isle of Raasay Distillery annually from 2020.
  • Until it’s time to legally call our spirit whisky, your membership includes a 70cl of Raasay While We Wait single malt.
  • That’s 10 bottles of whisky – 1 each year for 10 years, all for one payment of £599.

Plus you’ll automatically be enrolled in our Slainte Club to take advantage of special offers, news and new product pre-order opportunities.

Join Now

Whisky Club Collection

Build a rare whisky collection with ease. An Roghainn whisky is only available for members of this whisky club and will never be available for public retail.

All our whisky is handcrafted with a passion for the spirit and the land. Raasay Distillery Scotch will always be distilled and reduced with volcanic mineral water filtered down through the island’s iconic Dun Caan.


Want to stay each year at the Raasay Distillery as well? Join Na Tusairean Club instead.

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