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copenhagen distillery

Discover our Connection with Copenhagen Distillery

Chris set off to Copenhagen Distillery to explore their fantastic spirits and the shared Norse connection with Raasay.

When setting up a distillery we’ve found that you start to meet other distillers both from around Scotland and abroad. The spirits industry is a very friendly business; there’s a community of producers at drinks different shows and we enjoy chatting and trying each other’s products. We’ve enjoyed open, honest and forthcoming advice, as in the whisky business we don’t see each other as competitors but instead united in encouraging those new to whisky, including wine and beer drinkers to try our dark spirit. If the classics such as Glenfiddich, Johnnie Walker or Glenlivet are your introduction, well – we think that’s great!

It’s fair to say that the smaller companies in whisky feel even more of an affinity, as we deal with similar problems, from acquiring equipment, developing products and getting them into an already established market.

copenhagen distillery

Copenhagen Distillery

We met the folks at Copenhagen Distillery when some of their whisky club visited our Raasay distillery site while they were staying at Raasay House. They recently returned the favour and hosted me at their distillery in Copenhagen. It was thoroughly inspiring; it is a very small production yet they have got themselves out in the market with extremely cool, tasty products. All of the different products have a firm, powerful base spirit – powerful flavours are one of the signatures of this distillery.

I was excited to try everything from Snaps, to gin made from mead, and a small barrel aged whisky. I would say of the non-whisky spirits, my favourites were an orange gin, and their Mexican Coffee liqueur, which would be a great addition to cocktails too.

Norse Connections

By the end of the tour with the brilliant and welcoming Henrik, we had decided that some sort of partnership should be explored. Not only because we would enjoy working together but because the island of Raasay has Norse connections with the Vikings settling in the Western Isles and the name itself is of Norse origin meaning “Island of the Red deer”.

A viking spirits partnership – watch this space…

Chris’ Copenhagen Single Malt Tasting Notes

I was also lucky enough to the whisky, which was really full on, here’s what I thought:

Nose: Bananas, pears, smoky BBQ oak and vanilla.
Palate: Mega charred oak and spice. Lots and lots of spice. Rich, caramel flavours.


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