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In June 2015 we launched a campaign to find out which town in the Scottish Borders you wanted to see ‘back on the whisky map’ with a future distillery, the first since 1837. Our connection to the Borders is of course great-grandfather Richard Day and his whisky blending legacy in Coldstream.

2262 of you voted in The Big Question poll and overwhelmingly chose:


Borders Distillery

Building a distillery takes time and we’re aspiring to build not one but two in uncommon provenances, at one end of Scotland and the other.

‘The Big Question’ was your opportunity to get involved in a new Scottish distillery from the outset. By crowd sourcing opinion on where a Borders distillery should be built, our ethos of uncommon provenance becomes not only about the geographical origin of our future whisky, but the social too.

Once our upcoming Isle of Raasay Distillery is established, we’ll begin laying the foundations for a distillery in the Scottish Borders at a location informed by your votes.

Lowland Whisky

Borders single grain represents the style of whisky that we will one day distil ourselves in the Scottish Borders, in homage to our roots here.

Lowland whisky is typically lighter and sweeter than in higher regions, as is the profile of a grain whisky. Our Borders highland single grain is characteristic of a lowland whisky yet as uncommon as you’ll find.
We’ve used our skills to craft something truly unique with a Highland distillery in anticipation of our own future stills.

Scottish Borders

What we’re made of. Stately homes, ruined castles and abbeys scatter the soft rolling landscape, speckled with heather-clad hills.

Our BORDERS single grain Scotch whisky, light and sweet finished in Oloroso Sherry casks, reflects the nature of this land in every dram until we distil our own right in the heart of it.

The Borders is home to one of the most famous salmon spots on the River Tweed, the Junction Pool. Just further along the river lies Coldstream, the town of our R&B heritage.

The Tweed itself is also integral to our story as the region surrounded was where Richard Day sold his historic blend. We’ve represented both on the bottle of our BORDERS single grain whisky.