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Whisky Bible 2012 Jim Murray discovers the lost blend…

I bought my copy of Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2012 today and  The Tweeddale Blend 10 year old (batch 1) features on page 263. Jim’s whisky bible is regarded as the most comprehensive whisky guide ever and includes over 4,500 world whiskies.

Needless to say I was keen to find out what he had to say about The Tweeddale Blend. Jim scores each whisky out of 100 with 25 marks given to each of four factors; nose, taste, finish, balance and overall complexity.

“The Tweeddale Blend Aged 10 Years overall score 89.5 (85 to 89.5 = very good to excellent whiskies definitely worth buying)

nose 22 attractive and well-balanced mix of mint humbug and toffee; taste 23.5 beautifully weighted and structured. The non-filtration and 50% malt content combo has paid dividends as the weight and oiliness is highly unusual for a blended scotch. Chewy with an impressive degree of spice development which is in complete harmony with the increased sugar intensity; finish 21.5 dries as the oak begins to play its part and the grains begin to bite. lots of toffee too; balance and overall complexity 22.5 the first bottling of this blend since World War 2, it has been well worth waiting for. Cut down on the toffee and you’d really have a supreme whisky on your hands… 46% abv. not chill filtered. 50% malt. Stonedean.”

Fantastic! Aye and guess what with increasing the overall age of the blend, especially that of the grain (from 10 to 15 year old) we have cut down on the toffee in batch 2 – The Tweeddale blend 12 year old. Ya wee dancer, I wonder what Jim will make of batch 2?

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