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Karen & Matt @whisky4everyone “Have just tried” the Tweeddale Whisky batch 2 the 12 year old…

The Tweeddale Whisky stand at Pure Festival

The Tweeddale stand at Pure Festival


Karen & Matt actually tried the Tweeddale Blend batch 2 – the twelve year old at Pure Festival back in September of last year. We had a good chat over the two days and even did an interview with Matt which has still to see the light of day (once the Pure Festival brothers send it to him – c’mon guys).

Anyway Karen and Matt took a liking to batch 2 and have very kindly posted a great review with tasting notes on their blog on their Whisky for everyone website. You can read the whole thing by clicking on the link above or see their verdict below.

“The Tweeddale Blend is very pleasant and positively gripping in flavour, while being soft and easy drinking. It avoids the youthful harsh notes that can affect some blended whiskies and this is due to the increased age of all the whiskies included. The qualities of these whiskies show through in the final dram and create excellent depth, complexity and character. Batch No.2 should enhance Alasdair’s and Tweeddale’s reputation even further and we think he has done his great grandfather proud yet again”.

Cheers and thanks again to Karen & Matt.

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