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Whisky Magazine Recommended the Tweeddale Blend batch 2 twelve year old

The Tweeddale Whisky Magazine recommendation The March 2012 edition, issue 101 of the Whisky Magazine features batch 2 of The Tweeddale Blend in the tastings new releases and I am delighted to say it is Recommended.

The tasting notes and scores are provided by Gavin D. Smith and Rob Allanson (the editor).

Gavin D. Smiths gives a score of 8.3 with the following tasting notes;

Nose – Pear drops, then green herbal notes.
Palate – Real mouth presence, smooth and luxurious, sparkles with spice, plus brittle toffee and restrained fruit.
Finish – Toffee segues into gingery oak.
Comment – A lovely old-fashioned blend.

Rob Allanson gives a score of 8.9 and with the following tasting notes;

Nose – Lime marmalade, toast and honey, reminds me of throat soothers.
Palate – Orange peel, lime cordial, toffee notes abound. Gentle and elegant.
Finish – Quite short but packed with flavour, fruit and gentle wood spice.
Comment – A superb example of well thought out and careful blending.

Fantastic! You can see more on the Whisky Magazine website just click on the link below.


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