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Going Dutch “A Dram for Everyone” tells the story of the Tweeddale Blend…

Aye “Great Stuff” that’s the quote from Freek Haan on his blog A Dram for Everyone. Actually he is quoting me but at least he agrees!

Freek contacted me as he had been intrigued by the story of the blend. I sent him a sample to taste and he has written in dutch, a lovely illustrated piece on the Tweeddale Blend and the story behind it.

I think it is a great article and if you would like to see what he has to say then just click on the links below (the 2nd link is a translation from Dutch to English via google translate).



By pure coincidence we are off to the Netherlands for a wee holiday at one of their excellent Landal parks and aye we will being going Dutch!

Netherlands Holiday Home

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