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The Tweeddale limited edition small batch Scotch Whisky liquid gold award in Jim Murray's whisky Bible 2013

A Whisky Bible Liquid Gold Award for The Tweeddale 12 year old… “a triumph!”

The Tweeddale limited edition small batch Scotch Whisky liquid gold award in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2013With a score of 94.5 The Tweeddale 12 year old made it into the Liquid Gold Awards in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2013 released today.

Scores of 94 – 97.5 are described as “Superstar whiskies that give us all a reason to live”. All whiskies scoring 94 and upwards automatically qualify for the Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible Liquid Gold Award and in Jim’s view “These whiskies are elite: the finest you can currently find on the whisky shelves of the world. Rare and precious, they are Liquid Gold”.

This is what Jim has to say about the Tweeddale 12 year old;


The Tweeddale limited edition small batch blended Scotch WhiskyNose 23.5 a sumptuous mixture of diced apples with berry fruit. The sugars and honeys are of the lightest variety but complex and perfectly in harmony with the friendly vanillas: a triumph!

Taste 24 boasts that beguiling and entirely disarming mixture of passive aggression, where your taste buds think they are being lulled into an easy, silky ride before being stormed by troops fully armed with spicy vanilla. Always clean, so you get a clear view of the deepening honey in the middle ground;

Finish 23 light oils carry the spices and chewy vanilla the full course. And it is a very long one…;

Overall balance and complexity 24 bravo! A blend which sets out to maximise the (in this case) high quality whiskies used. An engrossing and massively enjoyable celebration of blended scotch. A minor classic, in fact. And not entirely dissimilar, curiously, to a blend I occasionally  concoct for my own enjoyment…”

Well my Great Grandfather sure knew how to make a small batch blended Scotch! The scary bit is I’m currently putting together my third batch of the Tweeddale and I’ve got this review of batch 2 to live up too.

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