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Thursday 30th May; Hot, Sunny, 30’C;  I’m glad I had my kilt and Tweeddale T shirt on.

Scotch Whisky collection at the Via Allegro Ristorante with The Tweeddale 30th May 2013

www.viaallegroristorante.com The picture above is just a small part of the Whisky selection at Via Allegro Ristorante in Toronto. Joseph Cassidy invited us along for a chat about all things Whisky and LCBO. This is a fantastic place.

It has been great to see a good selection of LCBO stores, talk to the staff and see The Tweeddale in the stores.

The Tweeddale Scotch Whisky signed bottle for @whskyplus 30th May 2013

I signed a fair amount of bottles at the in store tasting yesterday and we will be doing the same again today at the Oakville store today at 321 Cornwall Drive.

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