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Imbibe review & tasting notes for The Tweeddale limited edition small batch Scotch whisky

Tasting room review The Tweeddale batches 2 and 3 by Laura Foster for Imbibe.com

We meet Laura Foster at the Whisky Lounge Festival in London when she came to our stand to try The Tweeddale batch 2 and our 3rd release. We had a good chat all about The Tweeddale and I was delighted to see her article on Imbibe.com


This is what Laura had to say;

The Tweeddale Blend

The Tweeddale limited edition small batch blended Scotch Whisky batch 2A duck into the Whisky Lounge Festival in London’s Village Underground last weekend revealed a buzzing atmosphere and a top range of drams from both well-known and newer producers and bottlers.

Amongst all the tables was a blended whisky called The Tweeddale Blend.  Made by Alasdair Day, it is a small-batch limited edition whisky that was originally made by Day’s great-grandfather. Resurrected three years ago after a 70-year gap in production, following his ancestor’s recipe book, Day is turning out sublime blends comprising of 50% malt and 50% grain whisky, with eight malts and one grain going into each one.  

His Batch One may have sold out, but Imbibe got to taste Batch Two and Batch Three… 

Tweeddale Blend Batch Two, 46% abv
Comprising of 15-year-old grain whisky and malts ranging between 12 and 21 years, this is an elegant, dry blend. The nose is slightly savoury, with a bottom note of sulphur mixing with vanilla and bergamots. Upon tasting, the grain character shines through, being slightly lighter and drier than Batch Three. Milk chocolate, raisins, caramelised oranges and a hit of pepper heat from the middle to the finish. 

Tweeddale Blend Batch Three, 46% abv
Made with malts ranging between 13 and 21 years, the grain whisky in this blend is an 18 year-old aged in first-fill sherry casks. The nose is initially sweet – vanilla, apple crumble and cinnamon with a floral top note, before a cereal base of oatcakes comes through. Also an unmistakable green note reminiscent of sea grass. The palate reveals unmistakable sherry notes, a smattering of peppery heat and orange peel with a long, warming finish. LF

Available at Whisky Exchange or on http://rbdistillers.com/whisky/

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