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The Tweeddale award winning limited edition blended Scotch Whisky batch 3

Review of The Tweeddale Limited Edition 3rd release by Jean Francois Pilon.

Tweeddale Blend Batch # 3

The Tweeddale award winning limited edition blended Scotch Whisky batch 3By jfpilon October 9, 2013

Translated to English from the original article in French.

Blended Scotch Whisky produced by Tweeddale Whisky.Batch # 3Price:$ 69.95


Currently available at the LCBO, The Tweeddale Blend Batch 3 is out of the ordinary

On 2nd October 2013, Johanne McInnis held the first pan-Canadian Twitter Tasting. 25 whiskey lovers from across Canada were invited to share their impressions in a blind whisky tasting (later reveled as the Tweeddale Blend Batch 3) using the hastag # C2CC on twitter.

It is with great enthusiasm and Arcade Fire in my headphones as I launched into the adventure. Here are my impressions. The whisky shows “long legs” in the glass, it has a thick / oily texture.

The nose reveals green applesn earthy hint of slate and flint. You can smell the alcohol. It is green, with grassy notes. It reminds me a lot of a Highland Whisky from northern Scotland. It also has dry wood and resin notes. There is  also fruit up front. The alcohol on the nose makes me lean towards 46% by volume.

On the palate, the apple also comes first along with caramel. Followed by spices, pepper, a hint of smoke, resin and leather. It’s good, oily with a little salt. If you add water, it becomes woody. Leather becomes more present and tobacco appears.

The finish is woody and resinous with something of the sea, black pepper and ginger slightly burnt. It seems then almost like a Campbeltown whisky.

And there begins a series of assumptions. We lost in conjecture. Pretty sure we have the presence of highland scotch from single cask, I’m leaning towards Balblair because pepper and smoke. But the sea and oil also makes me think of Springbank. But it seems too young. A Mackmyra, because of the apple? Not able to put my finger on.

When we learn that it is a blend, now I think of Tweeddale and his new blend or a new version of Cutty Sark. Having tasted both of these before in Quebec, I have convinced myself that this is a Tweeddale.

Right on target! This is The Tweeddale Batch Three blended Scotch whisky. Currently available to the LCBO, it is an unusual blend, it does not seem at all to be the result of blending more as if we were dealing with the product of a single cask from a single distillery. The grain whisky is well integrated, it disappears into the blend. The secret? Is that even if the blend contains 50% grain whisky, it is of the highest quality and has spent 18 years in a  sherry butt .

Available in private via the SAQ in Quebec by import Merchants Americas Inc. only. I will be ordering a case of Tweeddale Blend Batch 3 for Whisky Montreal. Let me ask you sign up if you’re interested. Pending batch # 4 …

I have also just learned that Alasdair Day, re-creator of  The Tweeddale  will be at Whisky Live in Toronto on 1st November to give a masterclass.

Finally, I would like to warmly thank the great and greatly WhiskyLassie for this fantastic experience. Here is the list of aliases twitter of those who participated in this experiment:

  • @ Minnesota_Fan6
  • @ ValBradshaw
  • @ ActionGeologist
  • @ EdgyLassie
  • @ Rmculver
  • @ Scotchblog
  • @ WhiskyScores
  • @ I_on_food_drink
  • @ WeeRockWhisky
  • @ Grahammackenney
  • @ Mavisinc
  • @ Fancypatrol
  • @ Whiskylassie
  • @ Whisky_Jean
  • @ Malttroll
  • @ Jfpilon
  • @ Freaky_Whisky
  • @ Bergamote63
  • @ Allthingswhisky
  • @ Boozedonkey
  • @ Measureofwhisky
  • @ Cpstecroix
  • @ Emvigno
  • @ JenEWright
  • @ Maltesexx
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