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Tweeddale Whisky at the Glasgow Whisky Festival 15th November 2014

Where can I try the Tweeddale whisky?

The Tweeddale at the Glasgow Whisky Festival 15th November 2014Well The Tweeddale blended Scotch Whisky batch 4, the single cask Single Malt and the single cask Single Grain will all be available to taste at the Glasgow Whisky Festival on Saturday 15th November 2015 at the Arches, 253 Argyle Street, Glasgow. Doors open at 1 pm and last pour will be at 4.45 pm.

The Tweeddale has been at every Glasgow Whisky Festival and we are really looking forward to this one.

So join us at our stand this Saturday 15th November for a wee Tweeddale Whisky or two.

The Tweeddale blended Scotch whisky batch 4, single malt and single grain

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