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Whisky Whispers

We’ve Struck Water!

Raasay distillery borehole drilling

In March we struck gold when Highwater began drilling a borehole for water to supply the Raasay Whisky Distillery.

As one of our first ground breaking moves for building our distillery hit a fortuitous discovery. The site of a Celtic well once here, called Tobar na Ba Baine. The name means ‘well of the pale/white cow’, which sounds rather legendary to us.

Cows were highly valued in Celtic mythology, and white or grey cows in particular symbolise fertility of the land and ‘plenty’, which is lucky for us because there’s definitely more than enough water here for our future whisky production. The well once supplied Borodale House, and we’ll be using the same water to produce our handcrafted Raasay single malt.

Keep an eye on our Whisky Whispers blog for further updates on the build, and join the journey with R&B.

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