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Whisky Whispers

Best of the Rest

It’s Friday! We thought it was time for a little look at just a few of the ‘best of the rest’ whisky whispers we’ve heard recently:

GlenDronach Launches a Youngen

Are we seeing a movement towards a new appreciation for young whisky? GlenDronach has announced its youngest bottling – an 8 year old Highland Single Malt christened The Hielan. Matured in ex bourbon and sherry casks, the official tasting notes for this liquid are deliciously enticing.

It’s good to see more young whisky out there, particularly from distilleries that have previously focused on much older expressions. Young whisky might be seen as the new distillery’s mark, simply not having had the time to age their whisky. Not ones for patience ourselves, we know it’s difficult to sit by a cask for longer than you need to!

But in a similar vein to the great NAS debate, is older always better? Young liquid, crafted and finished well can definitely carve its own place. In fact, perhaps it is particularly interesting that GlenDronach is putting up an 8yo next to its much older icons, clearly able to hold its own.

Only pouring a nip will tell, and we’re keen to try it!


Why Wine?

Bordeaux, the traditional celebrity region of the wine world, seems to last week have taken on something purely unconventional as it hosted the launch of Irish Distillers’ Green Spot Chateau Leoville Barton.

But why? The whiskey has been finished in wine casks of the region, and it’s not a gimmick, Irish Distillers share the region’s heritage in wine as they have their origin in Dublin-based wine merchants Mitchell & Son. The Irish connection doesn’t stop there, the Saint Julien appellation in Bordeaux is run by Irish decedents of Thomas Barton, winemaker from 1725. Read more at The Drinks Business.

Taking whiskey heritage to unusual regions in the name of crafting an uncommon finish? We like that!


Teeling Distillery

This week, indisputably some of the biggest news to come out of the whisky world is the official opening of Teeling Distillery on Tuesday. This is the first new distillery in Dublin in over 125 years, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store from these family distillers. Looking all shiny and new, Teeling’s Newmarket site is proudly taking root in The Liberties (named so for the freedoms granted within the city walls), an area long associated with distilling and brewing.

Restoring whisky to places of lost distilleries just goes to show that this liquid we all love has no intention of being forgotten.

Here in Scotland, the last Borders distillery closed 150 years ago. We think it’s about time we fixed that – watch this space.

teeling distillery

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