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Whisky Whispers

Discovering the Wild Side of Raasay

Raasay: rugged, wild and sparsely inhabited. A place where even the most significant buildings have been assimilated into the unique landscape; you only need see the old iron mine and enchanting ruins of Brochel Castle.

Future site of our island distillery and another Raasay landmark, Borodale House, is no exception to this rule. So, although it may have lay uninhabited by humans for several years, the house and its grounds have by no means been unoccupied…


Beware of The Bats

With three species of bats known to roost locally over the past decade, there was a high chance that the echoing, undisturbed interiors of Borodale House were hosting a colony.

Although it’s early days yet, all signs point towards a thriving community of winged mammals who may well have anticipated our arrival and made themselves firmly at home…

In honour of their presence, and to give their story the documentation it deserves, we’ll be setting up something of a ‘Bat Watch’.  To follow the adventures of the bats of Borodale House, simply pour yourself a dram, load our Whisky Whispers and enjoy the regular updates!

Iron Mine

Introducing Olli & the Raasay voles 

Not the new musical venture of our resident Raasay architect Olli, but rather the collective name for the other fur-pelted residents of Raasay.

‘Racing Water Island’ by name and by nature, we should have predicted the presence of an otter on Raasay. Little did we know that he would be stationed, here and there, on the grounds of Borodale House!

Quite literally integral to the structure of Raasay’s future whisky heritage, and current full-time island resident, Olli the architect was the obvious choice to become our otter’s namesake. Unfortunately, we haven’t discovered Raasay’s other native water mammals – the indigenous Raasay vole – to allocate the remainder of our team’s names to…

As with bats, Olli will no doubt become a regular feature of our Whisky Whispers, so stay posted to follow what he’s up to next.


“To dwellers in a wood, almost every species of tree has its voice as well as its feature.” – Thomas Hardy

Dotted along the windswept Raasay horizon stand clusters of hardy trees, including Kennel and Borodale Woods which flank our future distillery site.

And of course, along with the bats and Olli, a few have taken the opportunity to root themselves features of the Borodale House site.

In fact, a fantastic fourteen species of tree including both native and non-native species have been discovered in the vicinity of our future Raasay home, providing beautiful contrast to the sweeping and barren vistas elsewhere on the island.


Become a member of our Na Tùsairean Club member and you’ll be able to share in the uncommonly bewitching Raasay landscapes surroundings our future distillery with an exclusive yearly invitation to be our guest at Borodale House.

That’s just the beginning of the epic and unconventional treats our Na Tùsairean Club members can enjoy – discover more here, and remember to watch this space to follow Raasay’s wildest residents and their place in our whisky odyssey.


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