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Island Whisky

Many a whisky connoisseur has shared thoughts on their ‘desert island dram’ but is the question an oxymoron if we imagine that whisky is to be enjoyed with others? Whisky is about stories, and so whisky is about communities because what good is a story you never tell? Communities of distillers, communities of the seasoned, and of the curious drinkers.

The world of whisky offers clubs galore – whisky societies, tasting groups, or simply friends.

At R&B Distillers we have a remote island where we’ve already chosen our whisky companion. Secluded, with a population of just 120, Raasay is not deserted. While our distillery rises out of the wild terrain over the next few months we’re growing the Raasay community; the R&B community.

We’ll soon have the perfect time-passing tipple in Raasay While We Wait, and we’re inviting everyone to wait with us for the release of the first outturn from the stills of the Raasay Distillery (the manufacturers of which Alasdair is currently visiting in sunny Tuscany!).

Join us in any way you choose. Like the glass you drink a malt from, or how much water you do or don’t drop in, we invite you to select the pace of your own whisky journey. Ours is full throttle ahead.

Hear the stories we have to tell of Scottish lands that whisky forgot, of an island of pioneers and engineers – heard of Calum’s Road?


Stormy view from Raasay. There's no taming this island.


Our First 100 Casks

In the spirit of sharing (see what we did there?), for those who really want to get stuck in R&B Distillers are setting aside Raasay Distillery’s first 100 casks to exclusively bottle for members of Na Tùsairean Club, limited to just 1000 people. That’s Scots Gaelic for ‘The Pioneers’ and pronounced ‘Na Too-Serran’.

So, if you want to own one very special bottle from a new distillery’s first ever outturn… well go elsewhere because we’re offering you ownership of 10 bottles. Plus a bottle of Raasay While We Wait each year, every year until the first release of our Raasay Single Malt.

We want to help you with that ‘open or keep’ dilemma too. We’ll also send you miniatures of each bottle to taste the liquid as it evolves over the years, while those exclusive release bottles puff their chests on your whisky shelf, or whisky table, or whisky cupboard – wherever you keep it!

Let’s not forget our remote island experience. Na Tùsairean Club members also have the opportunity to stay at the Distillery in the luxury of our refurbished Victorian Borodale House for a whisky destination you can return to again and again. Because even ‘desert island drams’ are better enjoyed with fellow explorers.

Head on over to our Members Club page for details of all the perks, and signup to our FREE Slàinte Club, or our exclusive Na Tùsairean Club.


Alasdair hosting an impromptu tasting at Raasay House.

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