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R&B Draft Sample Bottle Designs

How to design a whisky bottle

There are many ingredients in the complex journey that is handcrafting whiskies of uncommon provenance. Yesterday we asked whisky lovers to get involved with our adventure ‘to bring new Scotch from the ground, to your glass‘. There’s an important intermediary in there – the bottle.

We’ve been working away on the upcoming releases of both Raasay While We Wait single malt Scotch whisky, and Borders Single Grain Scotch whisky. You may have seen our prototype designs on display at the Edinburgh Whisky Solstice, Hofex in Hong Kong, and various other events we’ve been at. These have been a work-in-progress to ensure that the final version is something you’d be proud to have on your shelf come September.

We’re not giving everything away just yet, keep an eye out for more updates as we develop the designs, but here’s just a taster of how far we’ve come…

R&B stand at Whisky Solstice, Edinburgh

In creating the vessels for our whisky, we wanted to engineer something that reflects the innovation and craft of the liquid that each bottle will hold; something modern and striking in character, while remaining illustrative of the age-old traditions that only Scotch whisky is built on.

Raasay While We Wait

Raasay While We Wait is all about anticipation. We’ve embraced this by bringing a clock feature into the design. We’re transparent about the story of the whisky itself – while we wait for the Raasay Distillery, this product involves a crafting together of a heavily peated and an un-peated malt whisky to create a lightly peated single malt Scotch, which we’ll then finish in Tuscan wine casks (another story in itself!). The whole idea is to produce a profile reflective of that which we hope to instill in our future Raasay Single Malt, distilled on the Hebridean island.

Raasay While We Wait will also evolve between September 2015 and 2020. So, expect to see the bottle evolve too throughout the various releases as we progress closer to the first premium outurn of Raasay distilled single malt Scotch.

Borders Single Grain

The initial design for Borders Single Grain, went by another name; a modernisation of Tweeddale. However, in true innovator fashion, we’ve progressed this side of the brand and decided that the heritage steeped in the original Tweeddale is something we want to preserve in its own right, while incorporating it into the ‘B’ in R&B’s whisky family.

We’re not leaving great-grandfather Day behind. After all, we have a lot to thank this master blender for. So, we’ve brought through elements of the original Tweeddale narrative into the new Borders Single Grain bottle design. We’re clearly representing the River Tweed to symbolise our inherent connection with the Tweed Valley, and along this we’re deliberately marking the Scottish Borders town of Coldstream where it all began.

This week we received the latest samples of our printed and embossed bottles, but we’ve still got a few tweaks to make until we’re satisfied they’re perfect.

R&B embossed glass bottle

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