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Where can I buy Tweeddale?

After a 70-year gap in production and sales of Tweeddale whisky, thanks to Alasdair recreating the classic blend with a modern twist, these days Tweeddale isn’t hard to come by.

The journey to revive the historic blend also peaked Alasdair’s interest in the whiskies themselves that make up each handcrafted batch. Tweeddale single cask bottlings allow drinkers to taste some of the individual components of the blend.

The Tweeddale blended Scotch Whisky

Aside from pulling up an armchair with Alasdair on a lazy Sunday afternoon, where can you get Tweeddale for yourself?

Tweeddale products are stocked here in Scotland, around the UK, and in Canada, the United States, and sold through Beauterama in Taiwan.

In its home region of the Scottish Borders, Peebles residents have Tweeddale at their fingertips for an evening tipple when they visit The Cringletie House Hotel, or the The Horseshoe Inn. You can also taste Tweeddale thanks to The Main Street Trading Company, St Boswells – well worth the trip for an array of local delights.

Online, our friends at Master of Malt, and many others, stock our Tweeddale blend batches. All our Tweeddale bottlings are available directly from R&B Distillers, and you can find a full list of Tweeddale stockists here and there.


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