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Whisky lovers, can you answer the big question?


Whisky lovers – we’re calling on you to get the Borders ‘back on the whisky map’ by choosing a location for the region’s first distillery since 1837!

‘The big question’ is your opportunity to get involved in Scotland’s next new distillery from the offset. By crowd sourcing opinion on where a Borders distillery should be built, our ethos of uncommon provenance becomes not only about the geographical origin of the whisky, but also the social.

We’re inviting you to vote for your favourite location in an online poll that includes popular Borders destinations such as the Tweed Valley, Peebles, Kelso, Melrose, Galashiels, Selkirk, and Eyemouth.

Driven by a desire to make whiskies of uncommon provenance, we’re of the firm belief that the Scottish Borders is an ideal location for a whisky distillery.

Once our upcoming Raasay Distillery – currently subject to planning permission – is complete and open to the public, we’ll begin laying the foundations for a Borders distillery in a location informed by your choices.

Here’s a wee word from Alasdair Day, our co-founder, on the topic:

“It’s really quite remarkable that somewhere as iconic as the Scottish Borders has remained untouched by whisky distilling for such a long time.

“Just like whiskies from the Highlands, Speyside, or Islay, a small batch whisky distilled in the Borders will have its own unique flavour, informed by the provenance and terroir of the region.

“We’re incredibly excited to be asking whisky lovers from around the world ‘the big question’ and crowd sourcing opinion on where a Borders distillery would be best placed.

“It’s time to get the Borders back on the whisky map!”

Alasdair, in particular, has a special connection with the Borders; his great-grandfather Richard Day was a whisky blender based in Coldstream in the early 1900s. After inheriting an original cellar book in 2009, Alasdair quit his day job and set about recreating The Tweeddale – the name of his great-grandfather’s original small batch, blended Scotch Whisky.

The Tweeddale is now exported to America, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Taiwan, and Singapore, and of course available to purchase right here in the UK, including from our online shop.

We’re on course to open Raasay’s first ever non-illicit distillery in January 2017, with the inaugural outturn of Raasay whisky due to be ready by 2020. After this, our attention, tools, and planning will travel south to the Scottish Borders to make the imaginings of whisky lovers a reality with a new Borders distillery.

Like everything in the world of whisky, our Borders whisky poll is a small yet integral ingredient in a complex journey to creating the very best dram. Join our Borders adventure from the very beginning, and savour the gradual process of defining a new Scotch from the ground, to your glass.

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