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Our drone operators, dog, and drone on Raasay

A drone’s eye view

Last week we ventured up from R&B HQ in Edinburgh once again to the Isle of Raasay. Yes, we were keen to say hello to our beautiful distillery site, catch up with the staff at Raasay House, and many of our friends on the island but we also had a special objective for this particular trip. We took with us a very special machine, something rather futuristic and a little mysterious – a drone.

The weather delivered perfectly, and that doesn’t just mean offering the brilliant sunny second day, but also on the first – just enough low cloud to showcase a stunning representation of the rugged, wild elegance that is Raasay.

But what exactly were we doing with the drone? We wanted to get up into the sky to see Raasay from its best angle – bird’s eye (or in this case, drone’s eye).

Views of Skye

Views of Skye from Raasay on a beautiful sunny day.

From the water’s edge, in line with the ferry terminal, over our distillery site at Borodale House, and up to Dùn Caan, the drone captured the best sights Raasay has to offer. It even surprised some ferry passengers as it glided along side, giving a very real sense of this uncommon provenance’s island solace.

Now, back at HQ we’re ‘ooo’-ing and ‘aah’-ing over the visuals and listening for music that could possibly do them justice as an accompaniment. When we’re done we can’t wait to share this incredible perspective of Raasay and just how our distillery will sit among the landscape, offering visitors a unique whisky destination. Watch this space…

Our drone operators, dog, and drone on Raasay

Our drone operators, a curious canine onlooker, and the drone on the beach at Raasay.


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