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It takes a lot to launch a new whisky, it takes even more to launch two! Like all good things, and like whisky itself, it takes time. But we’re almost there.

Impatient as we infamously are, while we develop the plans to instate distilleries at each end of Scotland, we set about handcrafting careful representations of what’s to come when we begin distilling our own.

We crafted together in specially selected finishing casks, dual expressions from one distillery to create a lightly peated single malt hailing to the future of R&B distilling on Raasay, and a light and sweet single grain looking to the future in the Borders.

Although these new releases; Raasay While We Wait and Borders Single Grain, are not distilled on the Hebridean Island or close the Border, we’re accumulating our Tweeddale heritage thanks to Great-Grandfather Day, and considering the uncommon provenance of our future sites to deliberately handcraft tasters of what these Hebridean and Borders whiskies will one day be.

Provenance therefore, is of utmost importance to us. It is true that modern day whiskies that nod to certain regions in profile, can in fact be produced anywhere in Scotland with the right attention to detail.


Working with a Highland distillery ourselves, we have instilled (rather than distilled) in our new releases what we believe our Norther and Southern provenances will impart.

That’s lightly peated smokiness balanced with fruit for Raasay While We Wait, and sweet and light sherry for Borders.

The Whisky

Raasay While We Wait is currently in Tuscan red wine finishing casks, balancing the peat with a little fruit. Our Borders single grain scotch was matured in Bourbon casks and now finishing in Oloroso sherry casks, to impart the perfect balance of vanilla with nuttiness.

We also decided to bottle the single grain at a higher ABV – 51.7%, again to handcraft the representation that we’re looking for.

Finishing Casks

We intend to bottle mid-October, and to hit the shelves soon after – what this space!

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