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Whisky tasting at Raasay House

Join our members club and win!

Whisky is about many things, but first and foremost we believe it’s about you! It’s about all the people we nose, taste, raise a glass, argue over the best, relax by the fire, and solve the world’s problems over a dram with.

At R&B we sometimes feel like we’ve taken on the world, after all we don’t shy away from big ambitions – planning two distilleries at two ends of Scotland proves that! But when it really comes down to it there’s one thing we get up for – the love of whisky.

To make sure we offer as many whisky lovers as possible the opportunity to join us on a journey to handcraft whiskies of uncommon provenance from the ground up, we’ve created our free-to-join Slàinte Club.

What do you give us? Just your name and email address on a quick online form here.

What do we give you? Member exclusive offers on whisky, distillery news, and R&B developments.

A few days ago we sent out a member-exclusive offer to celebrate our IWSC Silver Award for The Tweeddale Lowland Single Grain 16 year old – 10% off and free UK postage for a limited time (if you’ve already joined Slàinte Club make sure you check your inbox for this deal) .

IWSC Silver Award

If you missed this offer, don’t worry because we’ve now got something bigger – just for members.

We’ve been talking about our new Raasay While We Wait and Borders Single Grain Scotch whiskies for a while now, and the time to announce a release date in October grows ever closer.

When they do become available we’re giving away one bottle of each to one very lucky R&B member!


Join now and don’t miss your chance.

The winner will be drawn in November.

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