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Labels, labels everywhere…

Once our screen printed designs and bespoke mould for our glass bottles were signed off, it became time to think about the other elements that complete these vessels that will hold our much anticipated whiskies.

Always keeping one eye looking back to our heritage in The Tweeddale we began here for inspiration on elements that could be carried over in some respect as a nod of cohesion and respect to our roots. We also set out on a journey of emersing ourselves in the best of the rest on offer from our favourite whisky brands.

The Tweeddale Blend Batch 3

Then came the samples. So many samples. Some arrived through the post box, some came via briefcase. We admired them all. In sifting through piles of these we learnt more than we ever thought their was to know about the world of labeling and just how inventive you can get. Perhaps one of the most interesting things we discovered is that you can easily peel the labels off particular bottles of Sailor Jerry spiced rum to reveal a different colourful sticker or ‘tattoo’ on each – Alasdair was straight home to see if the one on his shelf was the same!

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Peeling Label

In designing the first releases of Raasay While We Wait and Borders Single Grain we’re focusing on craft and evolution. While we wait for our inaugural Isle of Raasay single malt, distilled on the island in our new distillery still-to-come, and search for a site in the Borders, these expressions will continue to evolve and we plan to reflect this in the design of each release.

Lending a somewhat rustic and work-in-progress feel to the design through colour and texture, the vision is to develop this over outturns to a final, high-premium bottling in 2020.

We’re working with some very talented aesthetic minds, and production experts to bring all our ideas and aspirations together to create something that will, as a whole package, be unmistakably R&B on the shelf.

And we can’t wait to see it all come together… the countdown is on.

R&B embossed glass bottle

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