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Teviot Game Fare Smokery & Tweeddale: a Salmon & whisky pairing

Not ones for patience, while we’re waiting for our Raasay and Borders whiskies we’re exercising our adventurous spirit and exploring these uncommon provenances. Via drams from the Hebridies, and now by taking a look at pairing the Tweeddale with some of the best food to be found in the Borders. After all, what better than whisky, but whisky and food?

In delving into a journey of discovery of producers in the Borders, we began with Teviot Game Fare Smokery hand sliced Scottish smoked salmon and The Tweeddale Blend Batch 4.

The Tweeddale Blend with Teviot Game Fare Smokery Smoked Salmon

When it comes to seafood, its natural partner in the whisky world is a peated pour. Full bodied, spicy whiskies, like The Tweeddale Blend, lend themselves well to smoked fish dishes.

Why exactly is the Tweeddale Blend Batch 4 the perfect pairing to smoked salmon from Teviot Game Fare Smokery?

With Batch 4’s blend of 9 single malt whiskies, it’s the various components that pick out and complement flavour elements on the palate. In this case, a lowland single malt (the youngest malt in Batch 4 of the blend at 14 years old) aged in a cask that previously held an Islay whisky, contributes slightly sweet notes with a citrusy edge and just a hint of smokiness thanks to its Islay cask.

This is just enough peat to support the smokiness of the salmon itself, along with a smokey Islay malt, making up 2% of the blend. The sweet and citrus notes cut through the oiliness of the fish, while a highland single malt component matured in first-fill bourbon casks lends some oiliness of its own making Batch 4 the perfect complex companion.

We served our smoked salmon on oatcakes for simplicity of flavours, but the imagination runs wild with ways to whip up this ingredient.

A Little about the Producer

Teviot Game Fare Smokery and Water Garden is situated on the banks of the River Teviot in the Scottish Borders town of Kelso – not far from Coldstream. Family-run, it offers a gift and deli shop, as well as a restaurant serving a range of exceptional cuisine, including smoked varieties of salmon, haddock, trout, chicken, and duck.

Beyond this the site also encompasses stunning water gardens, these are beautifully terraced and nestled into the riverbank. Free to explore, they are home to Borders wildlife such as woodpeckers and kingfishers, badgers, and otters – perhaps Raasay’s Olli the otter’s realtives?

For those who are inspired by the water gardens to create their own, the Garden Shop helps you with relevant advice and supplies, including cold water fish.

Try This at Home

If you’d like to try Teviot Game Fare Smokery smoked salmon with The Tweeddale Blend for yourself, just purchase your fish from here, and your whisky from here!

The Tweeddale Blend dram



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