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Demolition Day

The site of our Isle of Raasay Distillery has changed dramatically over the past few weeks with a surge of activity once we secured grant funding for the build.

The distillery is designed by Raasay resident Olli Blair of ABIR Architects with process design by Allen Associates and overseen by our lead contractors Colorado Group. The whole on-site team have begun work at pace to begin construction on the project, planned for completion in Spring 2017.

Build Progress

In just a few weeks, the roof maintenance scaffolding set up to install bat protection was removed, the site cleared, and demolition of the extension to Borodale House, which will be replaced with the distillery production unit, began at pace just yesterday!

Demolition begins on the Isle of Raasay Distillery site

The Victorian house itself will be restored and renovated to serve as the distillery visitors’ centre and Na Tùsairean Club membership rooms.

Community Links

In its former life the extension served as guest bedrooms of Borodale House Hotel and the temporary Raasay House and so was still stocked with linen supplies. During the site clearing this was donated to the local charity shop on the island.

Even before we were able to start the project-proper, pre-planning surveys required us to fell a number of trees on the site due either to decay or placement, with the requirement that we replant for each, which we happily honour in the first planting season of the distillery opening.

Felled timber was gifted to the Community Woodfell group and we plan to replant using native tree species of Raasay and those linked in some way to the production of whisky and spirits such as gin. These will include juniper, hazel, birch and beech.

We’re eagerly anticipating each milestone of the build and checking in to bring you news of our progress regularly. In the meantime we’ll wait a little longer with a dram of Raasay While We Wait single malt at the ready.

Enjoy a dram of Raasay While We Wait during demolition on the Raasay Distillery site


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