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alistair macleod finishing his charity cycling to the raasay distillery

Cycling Inverness to Raasay with a Cause

On Saturday 3rd September Alistair Macleod arrived on the shores of Raasay after 105 miles cycling from Inverness.

While many sports enthusiasts head to Raasay to take on the unique terrain just for fun and a challenge, Alistair had another motivation too. He was raising awareness and funds for Inverness local charity Men’s Shed.

Run by ex-police office, Alan Michael, Men’s Shed offers a place to socialise and keep up an active lifestyle for men who’ve entered retirement or who are dealing with bereavement.

Why Cycling to Raasay?

I used to travel to Raasay to visit my grandparents and auntie and always thought it would be a good cycle. Everyone just humoured me. It’s a bucket list task!

Says Alistair, and now he’s been able to tick this one off and raise awareness for a charity close to his heart as well.

Raasay While We Wait signed by Alasdair Day to raise funds for Inverness Men's Shed Charity Cycle

At R&B Distillers we were so impressed with Alistair’s pioneering commitment to the cause and his adventurous spirit – something we distil into our whiskies and our business – that we wanted to get involved by offering a bottle of Raasay While We Wait, signed by Co-Founder Alasdair Day, to be raffled to raise funds for this charity group.

The Isle of Raasay is truly a destination, and we were happy to welcome Alistair at the end of his challenging trip via Raasay House to the gates of our distillery site.

Before setting off on his way Alistair took this stunning shot of the Island view from behind Raasay House. We for one are very impressed he could climb the extra height after 105 miles hard graft! Then again, those who are drawn to Raasay tend to have adventure in their blood and an uncommon spirit!

After cycling from Inverness to Raasay to raise money for Men's Shed Alistair Macleod shot this view

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