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The King Boo Cocktail by Basement Sate with R&B whisky

The King Boo Cocktail by Basement Sate

The King Boo cocktail showcases both Borders highland single grain and Raasay While We Wait single malt in a fresh-tasting whisky hit to rule them all. London’s first dessert and cocktail bar, Basement Sate, tailored this cocktail to the profile of our whiskies for our R&B whisky and dessert pairing.

Cocktail Components:

40ml Borders highland single grain Scotch whisky

10ml Raasay While We Wait single grain Scotch whisky

20ml Lemon juice

30ml homemade mint syrup (see below)

Mint Syrup Components:

Fresh mint

3 min tea bags


Mint Syrup Method:

Infuse the fresh mint and tea bags in hot water, then add sugar to equal 50% of the water volume (for example: 1L mint infused water = 500g sugar).

Cocktail Craft:

Stir all ingredients together in a cocktail shaker, strain into a champagne coupe and garnish with a candied lemon slice.


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