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Tweeddale The Last Centennial: It’s Here!

The Tweeddale The Last Centennial is now available for members of our free Slàinte Club, and exclusive Na Tùsairean Club (join here or here). The Last Centennial marks 100 years since the last recipe in the Tweeddale Cellar Book, which Alasdair Day (our Co-founder) inherited from his great grandfather Richard Day. When Alasdair recreated The Tweeddale in 2009, he purchased 8 single casks of single malt whisky and 1 grain whisky. The single malts were used in each batch of The Tweeddale Blend, with the grain whisky changing in each.

The Last Centennial contains the last of the casks of malt whisky Alasdair purchased in 2009, which gives it quite a different flavour profile from the previous Tweeddale Blends.

For example, The Tweeddale Blend Batch 5 was 2% Islay whisky. The Last Centennial is:

  • 53% Islay
  • 2% Speyside
  • 45% split between two Highland Malts

which gives this Blended Malt a much more smoky character. Particularly since after blending, it was then married in the Islay Cask for 2 months.

Centennial Celebration

For this centennial edition of The Tweeddale Alasdair has created a blended malt (a combination of single malts), rather than a blend (which includes both malt whisky and grain whisky). The Islay whisky was distilled on 17 June 1998, and the whiskies in the blended malt are between 12 and 18 years old.

Since its release we have been delighted by the reaction from those lucky enough to taste it. Check out our own tasting notes, and some brilliant reviews so far from Scotch Whisky.com & Whisky Magazine:







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