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Borders 2nd release

Tasting Borders 2nd Release

The launch of Borders 2nd Release highland single grain is coming soon! So, let’s take a look at the idea behind this whisky.

When we created the first release of Borders Highland Single Grain, the intention was to produce a truly unique grain whisky. Grain whisky as a category is generally produced using a small amount of barley, with the rest being made up of other cereals, most commonly maize and wheat.

We however chose to use 50% malted barley and 50% wheat in our mashbill. Our aim was to bring out the strong flavours and body of malted barley in the final product. After being distilled in a Coffey (or Column) still process, we matured the spirit in ex-Bourbon casks, before finishing in 80 litre Sherry casks, to give a concentrated sherry note; dry and nutty from the use of specifically Oloroso casks. We found that the grain whisky absorbed the nutty and spicy notes of the sherry very quickly. As well as the volume of barley, it is also quite uncommon to use Sherry casks in grain whisky production.

(Borders first release is still available in our online shop.)

Borders 2nd Release: What’s New?

For Borders 2nd release, we took this unusually sherried grain whisky and re-racked it into Bourbon casks. We wanted to maintain the signature Sherry notes, but to balance these with more Bourbon characteristics.

Borders 2nd Release

Tasting Notes

Cask Type: Ex-Bourbon & Sherry

Nose: Apple and mushy pears, tangerine, peach and strawberry.

Palate: A big burst of the Oloroso Sherry, harking back to the first release. More apple, lemon and orange notes, honeycomb and bourbon biscuits.

With water it becomes more creamy, fruity and chocolatey.

Borders 2nd release will hit the market in August, or if you join one of our whisky clubs, or get access to Craft Whisky Club‘s ‘Secret Still’, for chances to buy this whisky sooner.

In future blogs, we’ll take a look at some cocktails that can be made using Borders 2nd release, and mixed drinks such as Scotch & Soda.


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