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tweeddale silent character

Tweeddale Silent Character 27-Year Old Grain

When we looked at creating our newest Tweeddale whisky; The Tweeddale Silent Character, we took inspiration from Alasdair’s Great Grandfather’s recipes for Tweeddale. There were several Tweeddale recipes in the book.

One of the most consistent whiskies used in the Tweeddale recipes in the early 1900’s was Cambus. With this in mind, we have bottled a 27 year old Cambus, which is a vatting of 2 ex-bourbon casks.

That’s right – this is the first time we have ever confirmed a distillery used in any Tweeddale bottling.

There will be just 564 bottles of this silent distillery grain whisky available worldwide.

When tasting the cask samples, we were particularly pleased with the fruity notes that came through, showing that the liquid is not completely dominated by oak.

Cambus Distillery was founded in 1836 and was consistently thought of as one of the better grain whiskies for blending. In fact, during disputes about whether grain whisky could actually be categorised as whisky in the early 1900’s (a dispute brought by worried malt distillers) the Distillers Company, who owned Cambus at the time, released Cambus with the advertising line: “Not a headache in a gallon” (photo from the brilliant Scotch Whisky.com). While we wouldn’t recommend gallons of whisky, we would certainly agree that the Cambus Distillery was of high quality.

Cambus Gallon Quote

The reason we named this Tweeddale, Silent Character is that Cambus Distillery stopped producing in 1993, so Cambus is getting harder and harder to source. The site now has coopering and warehousing, so it still has a whisky link however no whisky is made there anymore. This makes Cambus a silent distillery, and a component character of note from the original Tweeddale Blends.

Tweeddale Silent Character 27-Year Old

2 casks of Cambus Single Grain Whisky, 52% abv.

Nose: Fresh oaky, with peach pastries, lemon and lime, followed by a honey, toffee. A sweet and rich nose.

Palate: Hints of pear, mixed in with a spicy cognac.

Finish: slight grassy and a mineral structure.
Tweeddale Silent Character


Tweeddale Silent Character is the oldest Tweeddale we have bottled and it is the first time we have officially named a component for the recipe. It will be available from mid-August through our retail and export partners and via our online shop.

As always, we’ll be offering preorder opportunities to members of any of our whisky membership clubs, so join now to claim yours before anyone else.

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