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The Evolution Tweeddales Collection

The Tweeddale: The Evolution Blended Scotch Whisky

At 28 years old, The Tweeddale: The Evolution is a mature blend of classic Speyside single malts and a quality single grain. We’re proud to introduce our newest and eldest Tweeddale whisky to date, just in time for Christmas. 

As a company with over 100 years’ worth of blending heritage, we think like whisky blenders. We think that the product you can create by blending whisky casks together is as special as the meal a Michelin Star restaurant can create, with equally enjoyable, palatable flavours. Fruity, juicy, spicy, smoky, savoury or hundreds of other flavours, developed through years of seasoning and ageing in oak cask, released when blended and bottled.

Blending ideas are also part of crafting and creating most of the single malt whiskies on the market; the key difference is that when blending casks of single malt together, these will all be from the same distillery. They will still be a combination of sherry casks, bourbon casks, wine casks and even mixtures of peated and unpeated whiskies if the distillery makes different versions. This is what we are planning for our Raasay Distillery.

Our blending ideas are inspired by our co-founder Alasdair Day, and by his great grandfather’s blending recipe book. His great grandfather Richard Day blended in a licensed grocer in the Scottish Borders. Like many licensed grocers, his customers would come to him and ask him to make them a blend. Single malt whiskies of the time (late 1800’s and early 1900’s) were inconsistent, fiery, very smoky or difficult to get. The blenders of this time created a product that had enough flavour to keep customers interested, but was balanced and easy drinking enough for many people to enjoy. This is how blenders became so successful, they made a whisky that appealed to those that liked a well-balanced, well made, aged spirit.

Blending Evolution

The Tweeddale, our family blend, was created using easy drinking, flavoursome, fruity grain whisky, and bolder, fuller flavoured single malts from some of the distilleries with the highest reputation and highest quality at the time. It was blended for the manor houses and estates in the Scottish Borders, local Inns and for customers of their wine and spirits merchant.

What blenders hit on, was that peated whisky was perhaps something that needed to be shown within blends, but in a more restrained, structured form.  A light touch of peat, which customers could then explore further through malts once their palates had become accustomed to this unique flavour. Since grain whiskies are unpeated, these were used as the base of a blend, and livened up with malt whiskies.

The Tweeddale: The Evolution is our most recent, and our most accomplished blend during Alasdair’s tenure as master blender of The Tweeddale. It is the oldest blend we have ever produced, and shows this in the development of fruit, mouthfeel and finish that aged whiskies express so well. In many of the previous blends we have produced, there has been a dash of peated whisky to give the whisky more depth. As The Evolution has such age, and contains several full flavoured, Speyside single malt whiskies, we felt it was not needed to add peated whisky to this exquisite recipe. An evolution in our process and style.

Now onto the tasting notes, here are ours, we’d love to hear yours!

Tasting Notes

Colour: Golden amber.

Nose: Juicy Blackcurrant, creamy waxy notes, cherries and plums. A lemon icing note. On a second nosing, freshly baked pastries, and a hint of honey.

Palate: Big, full, juicy front palate. Christmas cake notes, blackcurrant and pear (almost glühwein-like fruity, sweetness) and a dash of orange zest.

Finish: Slight hint of American oak sharpening and structuring the finish. Touch of milk chocolate too.


The Tweeddale The Evolution

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